Beka Saga Cast Iron Tea Kettle


This Saga teapot with a Japanese look is characterized by its simplicity and authenticity. Robust materials, combined with a clean line give this teapot a unique and contemporary design.

Includes an extra-thin stainless steel tea sieve: Finely cut loose tea leaves cannot escape. The basket offers enough space for the leaves to circulate, so that the tea brews quickly and gets its ideal aroma.
The cleverly designed spout allows for easy pouring.
The wide base allows the Saga to be used on all fires including induction. The water can therefore be heated over low or medium heat before adding the tea.
The aroma of fresh tea diffuses subtly through the ventilation hole located on the lid.
The folding handle allows easy storage and space saving.

Capacity - 1.2 l
Material - Cast iron
Material of the handle -Steel
Length -17.2cm
Width - 16.5cm
Weight -1.89kg